8 Best Adult Apps For Android
8 Best Adult Apps For Android
8 Best Adult Apps For Android

Adult apps are a fun and innovative way to explore sex. If you haven’t tried or downloaded these apps yet, here’s our quick rundown for the best adult apps that work in any android device;

  1. Pornhub

Hailed as the king of porn films for Android devices, Pornhub allows you to watch adult videos and picture at your own convenience. Their Android app has received good feedback from users. Viewing adult videos online is a dangerous thing since internet world has been littered with ads and malicious trackers.

Fret not because Pornhub isn’t like that. While they generate profits from ads, they don’t allow any dangerous virus or malware in their app. To simply put, it is safe, free and user-friendly.

  1. SexTube

Tired of paying expensive websites filled with ads and irrelevant icons?  Why not try Sextube, an awesome porn streaming application. Its minimalist-styled website is all free. Aside from streaming adult contents, users can modify the app name and icon to organize it.

  1. Mikandi

This app caters a plethora of sex-themed content, not just purely sex videos. It also has Android apps, games and so on. But compared to the above-mentioned apps, Mikandi will require you to pay to use/watch their content.

  1. Literotica

Are you fond of erotic stories? No problem because here’s Literotica which can satisfy your hunger for fictions. But don’t expect that you’ll encounter Hemingway’s stories here. You love it for sure as it boasts a huge selection of erotic stories. Although its interface is quite bland and dated, the application will let you choose the right setting to make your reading more comfortable.

  1. Elana Champion of Lust

It’s a hilarious porn game app. The gameplay revolves around the story wherein Elana is your main character. What you need to do is bring back the passion and lust to an emotion-less civilization. The graphics has been hand-drawn. You can step into the next level by means of Elana’s magical and physical actions.

  1. Daydream VR

Virtual reality technology is on the rise right now.  With it, you can experience an innovative way of interacting with an app or video. Luckily, the adult industry adopted this new technology. Daydream VR proved everyone how good it is to use adult VR. The experience is better than just watching the video.

  1. iKamasutralite – sex positions

It’s best recommended for couples who want to try to explore new positions in bed. The name says it all – it features lots of sex positions, descriptions and illustrations to help you choose the best points underneath the sheet. Start at the Novice level to Kama Sutra Master.  This erotic app offers 30 positions in its free version.

  1. Dirty sex game for couples

Do you want to get to know more your partner? Ask him/her to play this game app. It’s originally inspired by the Truth or Dare game.  Loaded with more than 1,000 sex dares and several difficulty levels, Dirty Sex Game is a good instrument to spice up your sexy time.

Get ready to transform your cold evening to extra hot moment through these eight awesome porn apps that are worth downloading now!