5 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby
5 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby
5 Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

Starting a family is a one of the most amazing part of our life. There are a lot of opportunities that you need to embrace and to welcome together with the challenges in amidst of the life crisis. As we all know, life after marriage is another chapter of our existence that we need to be prepared of. Unexpected situations might come along the way, just like a roller coaster ride which is accompanied by a lot of twists and turns where in you will experience real-life challenges. Moreover, there are chances of getting into trouble among your partners.

One of the most common issues among couples now a day is being unable or having a hard time to conceive. Many couples undergo a therapy or they consult doctors about their infertility issue. On the other hand, when it comes to trying to conceive, couples are somehow submersed with a stream of old wives’ tales, myths, tips and tricks that are generally aren’t supported by any clinical research.

Indeed, many have proven that sex positions help a lot when it comes to bearing or conceiving a child (to be exact). Here are certain sex positions experts recommend to get pregnant faster;

  1. Spooning position

Before the engine of love get into burst, you have to experience the warm foreplay that you and your partner can tag along. Heating up each other is the best way to put your engine to spark. Snuggle in spooning position to a successful baby making.

  1. Rear Entry

This position is literally, entering from behind while lying on the abdomen, kneeling or side-to-side, promotes a better shot at getting pregnant. It allows the penis to reach the recess back of the cervix. Therefore, it may allow sperm to be ejaculated closer to the cervix.

  1. Dog style

This position has its own magic for conceiving a child. Having your partner positioned with their hands and knees while entering from behind guaranteed route to deep penetration. This helps the sperm to get even closer to the egg. Moreover, experts advise women who have tipped uterus to have this kind of sex position to conceive.

  1. Missionary

This is a common sex position, sometimes called to be basic style and time-honoured standard position that states to be one of the best for conception. For women, as you are lying on your back, the vagina is tilted downward toward the cervix which makes the sperm easier t get through the cervix and into the uterus. Pillow, in this kind of position is a life-saver. Position it under your pelvis during intercourse in the missionary position. It may increase the upward tilt of the vagina which potentially improving reception of semen. Just go with the flow for the better ride.

  1. Lying back position after sex

This position helps in increasing the chance of getting pregnant. It is a must suggested position for women. The process of doing it for 5-15 minutes after sex will help the sperm to get an easy access to the cervix.

Listed ways above are just some of the best sex positions that you may try if you are having difficulty in getting pregnant. Trying won’t hurt. That is part of exploration and taking a deeper venture of spicing things up between you and your partner.