Most Popular Porn Categories By Countries

Countries all over the world have their own policies and beliefs. Whether it’s on religion, political or in general, the views vary. However, there is one thing which people agree on world-wide and that is their love for porn. According to the latest statistics, individuals all over the world spend hours watching all types of porn GIFs, sex pictures and hardcore porn videos. The statistics used to determine this come from one of the most popular porn sites in the world which is PornHub. The site has more than 24 million visitors a month. These results may surprise you since they contain info many may not know about.

While most top countries watch porn, not all of them view the same kind. The categories viewed by countries are different, depending on the country itself. The following search terms show what people in each country looked for the most when visiting PornHub. What may be popular in the United States, is not exactly as loved in places like Australia or Africa. And vice versa for that matter. Every country has different types of porn they enjoy more than others. But, there were three search terms all agreed on. The lesbian, anal, and ebony categories where popular in most top countries.

Below, you will find the most popular categories or search terms broken down by individual countries.

United States – The USA led the world when it came to the amount of time they spent watching porn. Americans spent more time viewing porn, than any other country in the world. They also visited PornHub more than any other. The top two most searched for genres in porn for the USA were Step Mom and lesbian. Americans have a thing for hardcore porn films featuring step moms. They also enjoy lesbian sex porno videos. Other categories include step sister, MILF, ebony, cartoon, lesbian scissoring, black, mom, teen, threesome and creampie. There were several other porn searches as well.

United Kingdom – The UK came in second place when it came to porn viewing. For the Brits, the search term lesbian and milf were at the top. The British appear to enjoy hardcore porn videos featuring hot lesbians having sex. And they love porn movies of milf women. The UK other top searches were step sister, step mom, lesbian seduces straight and British. They also enjoy watching hardcore porn videos of lesbians scissoring, massage and cartoon.

Canada – The people of Canada had similar taste in porn as other top countries. They enjoy wild and hot porn videos of lesbians licking, sucking and fucking one another. But, the search term step sister came in second place. Next was milf porn, step mom and cartoon adult material. The Canadians also enjoy watching hardcore porn movies featuring teens fucking and Overwatch. Interestingly enough, Overwatch porn rose up quite substantially to the top. It is a form of anime or hentai porn.

India – Indians pretty much kept their porn preferences related to themselves. All of their top ten porn searches contained the word ‘India’ in them. Whether it was Indian wife, Indian college or Indian bhadhi porn videos. In all, they enjoy hardcore porn videos, sex pictures and porn GIFS of other Indians.

Japan – Just like the citizens of India, the Japanese searched for porn related to their country. Japanese and Japanese teen porn material were first and second. They also searched for Japanese wife hardcore porn, Japanese massage and Japanese school girl.

France – The French are renowned for their fine cuisine and the Eifel Tower. But, in the adult world, they are recognized for loving French and Francaise porn material. They also enjoy mothers porn, mom and teen related sex content. The French also have a thing for massage, milf and lesbian hardcore porn videos and content.

Germany – When someone said ‘the Germans are coming’ they had no idea it was from masturbating. Yet this is exactly what is all about since the Germans came in 6th place. The word ‘German’ and teen were the most searched for in Germany. People also enjoy watching deutsh and German mom porn videos. Hardcore porn movies of anal, step mom and step sister were also very popular.

Australia – The Aussies love watching movies of lesbians kissing and lesbians having sex. The search term lesbian and MILF were the top two in Australia. You also had Asian, massage and cartoon hardcore porn videos among their most viewed. Making the top list were also the step mom, Overwatch and threesome hardcore porn material.

Italy – Those who live in Italy have a thing for MILF porn movies and footjob. The footjob category is one that no other country has on their top five list though. Still, their most looked for term was hardcore porn movies with ‘Italian’ in them. Other search terms include mom, Italiano, public and teen porn.

Brazil – The citizens of Brazil seem to like Overwatch porn more than any other type of pornography. At least this year since that the porn category is trending so much. It was first among all of their search terms with lesbians coming in second. They also searched for Brazil sex porn videos and Pokemon. Other hardcore porn searches included Brazilian, puta (whore), hentai and teen.